• Offers capacity building training programs to education institutions, companies, organizations & government institutions.   
  • Offers a wide range of consultancy Services in Education, Business, Tech, HR & smart gardening among many others. 
  • Outsources for business opportunities from local & International companies. 
  • Invests in real Estate.
  • Invests in Education services.
  • Invests in Travel services– The Distant Runner (Self Drive, Private & Public Transport)
  • Invests in large scale Agriculture to Mitigate Climate Change.
  • Invests in high resolution graphics, illustrations & Animations. 
  • Develops mechanisms to promote talent.

We strive to ‘serve you to excel’ by touching base with our clients at all levels, offering remote consultancy to Institutional/Organizational and Company visits.

We act professionally, with a strong sense of urgency to assess, understand and capture a 360 overview of the problem at hand, while clinically finding lasting solutions based on the century’s dynamism.