Arise Africa Research and consultancy Hub works towards bringing out the wildest dreams, imaginations, skills, and talents of individuals whose heart and passion are after creating a positive change in their life using the available resources in the modern age of technology to be the best product owners in African communities.

We develops competencies in the following Entrepreneur areas of Research & Consultancy; Education/Information, Food & Nutrition, General Health & Medicine, Transport, Justice, Human rights & general Legal Issues, Economics, Finance,General Marketing Management & Audit, and General Security & Humanitarian welfare.

We are set to offer capacity building training programs to education institutions, companies, organizations & government institutions in and around Africa.  We offer consultancy services. Outsource business opportunities from local & International companies. Invest in Real Estate and Education services. We invest into Travel services- Distant Runner services (Self Drive, Private & Public Transport) We invest in large scale Agriculture to Mitigate Climate Change. We invest in high resolution graphics, illustrations & Animations. lastly, we promote talent through Music.