The Founder/CEO Mubiru Humble started out as a young leader throughout his education journey right from his lower primary through to his University. He often volunteered in the communities where his parents settled. Humble always promoted Diversity and inclusion among people he served a commitment he is meeting through a workforce that reflects his passion: Education and entrepreneurship for the communities he has serves in and around East Africa and beyond.

Humble is a very cheerful and energetic person who is committed to fueling inspiration and admiration for all life around the World. He is a diligent self starter, a continuous learner, an avid networker on a mission to create vibrant green communities that recognize diversity, equity & inclusive efforts to end systemic poverty.Humble is very supportive, kind hearted and knows that Life is very delicate and should be treated with at most respect. He believes that amidst our accomplishments, we should always remember and find ways to give back to those less privileged than us.