Arise Africa Research & Consultancy Hub (AARCH) gives entrepreneurs a platform to put to test their wildest imaginations and skills in terms of innovation and creativity and adopt a holistic approach to new benefiting culturally sensitive products that are highly useful to the global community as a whole.


Our mission is to create vibrant green communities that recognize diversity, equity & inclusive efforts to end systemic poverty.


To be a leading consultancy brand that upholds best practices that help industries and stakeholders to adopt the modern-day approach that transforms the individual livelihoods.


We serve you to excel~

Arise Africa Research & Consultancy Hub develops competencies in the following Entrepreneur areas of Research & Consultancy;

  1. Education/Information
  2. Food & Nutrition
  3. General Health & Medicine
  4. Transport
  5. Justice, Human rights & general Legal Issues
  6. Economics, Finance, General Marketing Management & Audit
  7. General Security & Humanitarian welfare.

AARCH is also a capacity building program established to help young people discover and maximize their potentials.We are pathfinders whose major goal is to help young people realize their precious dreams in life.Our major concern is to make sure that all the young people are passionate about their careers, acquire more practical skills through leadership training, behavior change and personal development.