At Arise Africa Research & Consultancy Hub, we encourage full participation of the young people by creating vibrant communities that recognize diversity, equity and inclusive efforts as a means to end systemic poverty. We work closely with stakeholders to identify and bridge the gaps in the economy, developing competencies in areas of research & consultancy including but not limited to education, climate change, technology, food & nutrition, health, transport, justice, human rights, general legal issues, finance, general marketing management & audit, as well as Security & Humanitarian welfare. The company was founded after identifying numerous gaps in varied sectors of the economy of Uganda and other economies around Africa. A decided was reached to lead and be the flag bearer for better economic recoveries, by strategically starting up the company to act as a 'Think-Tank' for researchers, educators, investors, partners, skilled and unskilled personnel to consult with a motive aimed at achieving the best economic practices and standards in Africa.


Arise Africa Research & Consultancy Hub is also a forum where the young Professionals are encouraged to promote sustainable development in their communities by opening-up themselves and freely talking about their future, the challenges they are facing in their daily lives and establishing solutions on how to overcome the obstacles standing in their way. The company Leverages a team of experts who are leaders in their own fields to provide a broad range of consulting services and support-- Our work plays an integral role in the success of many sectors across the divide. We inspire the girl child in diverse communities to be innovative and versatile by challenging themselves to spearhead/lead the development vehicle of their own households through Agriculture and Education campaigns that are aimed at empowering the most vulnerable persons. This will, in the long run encourage full-scale interactions that promote economic growth and empowerment at micro levels (Boosting Household incomes) hence spreading widely to the wider economy.


To Become Africa's Leading Inspiration for Young Men and Women in undeserved Communities


Creating Vibrant Communities that recognise Diversity,Equity and Inclusion as a means of ending systemic poverty



Previously, the weather pattern indicated two good planting seasons, March to May and September to November which are timely and enable farmers to follow the traditional trends of planting.However, this trend has since changed because..


We Offer capacity building training programs to education institutions, companies, organizations & government institutions. Offers a wide range of consultancy Services in Education, Business, Tech, HR & smart gardening among many others.


LETS GROW TOGETHER– It’s easy to say we need to “benchmark the way our projects work” or “start a Coffee shop.” But to be effective, a project must grow from an idea to a fully managed process. Our offer for projects evolves around the following;


We take pride in research, offering systematic investigations, study of a problem, materials and sources in order to establish and reach new conclusions based on empirical evidence not limited to testimonies & eye witnesses.